I have two cheap fly tying vises that i bought when I bought 2 kits about 8 years ago. Jaws are showing signs of wear and my young bride has told me if I wanted to get a new vise to get it. My point is this: I dont want to spend over $150 (could give a little if i found one if thought would be worht the extra). I will be going to Bass Pro in Pearl, MS this saturday and all I see listed in catalog Apex adjustable, Peak Rotary, Griffin Spider Vice, and a Terry Rotary. Some several others but they look to be about the same price range as the two I have now. Hoping this will be last vise I buy. Would any of the above mentioned be good ones and if so, which one? Maybe you know a place I could call and get a better vice with the amount of money I have to spend. Thanx in advance for all you help. Mathcarver