Went fishing on Sundy the 9th at a pond behind our kids place here in SE Michigan. Used a mini-woolybugger fly sent to me by Bassman John here on FAOL from the swap. in an hour and a half I caught 3 very nice bluegills, 3 medium largemouth and a 23 inch channel cat. We are talking "sight" fishing, landing the fly in front of the fish (I am standing about 2 feet above the heavy grass/horsetail shoreline) with the partly overcast sky I can see down into the water and wait for my prey. Even the channel cat came along and I landed the fly in front of him and he took it like pike. All fish were lip hooked and safely released with forcepts. Only the cat needed a net and he too went on his merry way. Thanks Bassman, your fly did the job. I have photos but unable to post. Jonezee

I learn more about the world while talking to myself when fishing alone