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A good quality but inexpensive combo is a good item. Maybe a few flies.

Do make sure you don't run afoul of your state's rules for raffles for non profit organization. For example here in CA at least 90% of gross proceeds must go to charitable programs. No more than 10% can go to expenses, which includes facilities and prizes (prizes can be donated though). Your state may have its own rules.
A quick check of CA law found the provision you mentioned... 90% must go to the good cause... However, it does not say "gross proceeds" but rather "revenue" and a quick check of the CA legal definition of revenue finds they use the standard definition of "return on investment." So all costs are subtracted and it is very much a "net" requirement.

Here are the gaming regs in a pdf format:

Page 26 has the 90% rule.

I looked because that is an extremely difficult standard to live up to and I know there are commercial fundraisers there and they would not work for 10%.

Also, the State is not intrested in occasional charitable raffles... They make it easier than most states.