Our newly formed Trout Unlimited chapter is planning to have a booth at an upcoming Sportsmen's Show. The main purpose in having the booth is simply to let the public know we exist. Many people are not even aware that the Trout Unlimited organization even exists let alone that we have a local chapter.

Since we are a newly formed chapter, we don't have any money in the bank yet. To offset the cost of the booth rental, we are planning a raffle. Any suggestions for a raffle prize? Our first thought was, or course, a fly rod & reel. The chance to win a fly rod would appeal to the fly fishers in the crowd and/or, perhaps encourage a non-flyfisher to take up the sport. However, eastern South Dakota is not really a hot-bed of flyfishing so there will be many more non-flyfishers in the crowd. We also thought of a float tube. That would appeal to the flyfishers as well as those who chase some of the warm-water species.

I should mention that this is a VERY large Sportsmen's Show. This 4-day event will draw thousands of people so the potential to sell a lot of raffle tickets is very good. We will want our raffle prize to appeal a lot of different types of anglers.

Any thoughts?