I took my boy, AJ fishing Friday at a local stocked creek in the edge of KY. He's only 8, and he wanted to catch a rainbow trout. He was using a bead head nymph and a float to allow him to cast, that set up worked great and he got several bites, but no fish. After we fished most of the morning, disaster struck. His reel quit casting. No telling how long I fooled with it, but I couldn't get it to cast either. We stopped and ate lunch and he mentioned going back home. I talked him into allowing me to fish above the little bridge for just a few casts. I had a rainbow in about the first cast or so, AJ got very excited when he seen it jumping out of the water. Minutes later, I had another one on. Then I had him stand right beside me and I made my cast back to the same spot. Nothing happened. After several attempts I began to wonder if we had ran out of luck and then I had another bite. I handed AJ my rod and said bring him in. AJ reeled and with my coaching played the fish right in. He was all smiles as we took the fish loose and set him free. I'm sorry I don't have any pics, my camera has broken. Maybe Santa can fix that, if I've been good.

All in all, we had a great day on the water together,

PS We've already gotten AJ a replacement reel, just need to get on the water and put it to use.