Hello folks. I am new to the forum as a poster. I have been lurking for the last few weeks and it has been quite the resource for me! Thanks to all.

I have a question regarding what reel you guys might recommend. I have been researching reels for my first fly rod which I am building from a Dan Craft Sig 5 blank. It is a 905-4 (and has been a delightful project). I have landed on the Teton Tioga line as a lot of bang for the buck. My question is this:

Would you guys go with the size 4 or 6 Tioga reel for this 9' 5 wt. rod?

I will mostly be chasing bass and pan fish here in Texas. This reel is probably mostly an eye candy purchase, as I will in all likelihood strip most of the fish in, but I still want it! (And there ARE big bass that would occassionally go to the reel. I had a buddy lose a big bass last trip because of a drag problem on his reel.) Would a size 4 look too small on the 9' rod? Or would the size 6 just be unneccessary weight? I'm sort of thinking that my next rod will be a lighter weight rod. That also has me wondering about the size 4, thinking I could buy spare spools and use the same reel on the 3 wt. I think I might build next. I don't want that to be my deciding factor though. I am buying this reel for my 5 wt, and I want to get the best one for that rod. I don't want to under or oversize this reel for what MIGHT happen later.

Unfortunately there are no fly shops within 100 miles of me so it is not a matter of just going and looking.