Well, I took my new 4 wt. to the pond this morning for the first time to see how it cast. It's a BPS cv2 with a Battenkill reel. I loaded it with a WF GPX floater.

Cast like a dream. That's a great line.

Caught a couple of palm sized Bream then... one big boil on the surface and the line snapped tight. A strip set on the fish and the fight was on. Now for the sweet sound, was it my son yelling the rods going to break, him looking at me saying are you gonna land him in an excited voice, or was it the screaming reel as line peeled off?

I have to say all three. I did land it and it wasn't the LMB I hoped for but it was a 23" channel cat. Swallowed that BND Marabou streamer. Caught a few more bream and called it a morning.

Leo C.