25-knot winds? Sounds like the conditions I deal with so often. If bonefish like rooting around on flats it's too bad they're saltwater critters; they might like it here in Kansas where the big federal reservoirs are steadily morphing into vast mud flats due to sediment inflow buildup. Guess we'll just have to make do fishing our "flats" for carp.

JC, I will read again his chapters on bonefishing. I don't recall Ted Williams mentioning bonefish flies being unduly heavy or large. I'm sure he said something about this, though, and it didn't register with me. I do recall he says that in general a fly fisher must make very long casts -- 80 to 100 feet -- and be accurate with those casts. (Sounds like too tall an order for a short-throw panfisher like me.) But bonefish feeding in the shallows, he said, are spooky to an unbelievable degree which is why you gotta keep yourself at a distance. Let yourself get "too tall" and they will see you, maybe detect your rod motion, from quite a ways away.

That guy was one thorough fisherman; there's a ton of information in his book. It comes at you like bullets out of a machine gun.