Very good story, Capt. Henderson. I really enjoyed it.

I just finished a book called "The Big Three"; it's about the fishing that Red Sox great Ted Williams did before, during and following his time in baseball. I'm guessing that you guide clients on trips for both bonefish and tarpon, so I'm curious if you've ever read this book. It focuses on Williams' fishing techniques and thoughts on what he personally considered the world's top three gamefish: Atlantic salmon, tarpon and bonefish.

The book got me to wondering: Do people ever try for bonefish using lightweight fly tackle such as 9-ft. 3-wt. rods? Ted Williams, I think, would have considered it a bad idea for many good reasons. But then, in his day maybe there were more big bonefish to contend with than what the flats offer now? Large or small, though, a bonefish must be something special in the fight department.

Again, good story. Keep 'em comin'!


"Better small than not at all."