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Thread: THE FOOT BRIDGE - Whipfinish - Nov 19, 2012

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    Default THE FOOT BRIDGE - Whipfinish - Nov 19, 2012

    In fly fishing, you will inevitably experience landmark events that will stick with you over the years. Many of them will be things that happened while fishing. Others will be sights seen that could never hope to be duplicated. Some we cling to with a desire never to forget, while others stick with us whether we like it or not. There will be many that we can appreciate instantly simply as something that only fly fishing could have provided. Other events we need to mull over years, before their true impact or beauty can really be appreciated

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    A little bit eerie, Ralph.

    Last edition, your article mentioned sitting on a rock observing what was probably the close of the season and noting how things would soon be cloaked in winter colors ( as I recall without going back to the article ). I had done the very same thing just the day before, wondering if I would get a chance to fish my home water again this year.

    This week, you refer to a pair of river otters. This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of watching a pair of river otters on my home water for the best part of half an hour. What fun. And what a treat. A very rare treat to be sure, since it was only the second time I have seen otters over the past several seasons.

    Can't hardly wait for your next article. Maybe it will be about hooking into a winter steelhead ..........

    The fish are always right.

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