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Thread: MINIMALISM - Neil - Nov 19, 2012

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    Default MINIMALISM - Neil - Nov 19, 2012

    The Dictionary provides the following definition for minimalism; something achieved by using a few very simple elements to maximum effect. It seems to me that the recent rise of Tenkara fishing is a response to the increasing complexity of Western fly fishing techniques. I'm not quite ready to sell my conventional fly fishing equipment and fully embrace the Tenkara fly fishing method; but I can understand the desire to simplify.

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    one of the best articles yet, i have been trying to pursue this theory for about 4 years now,hope yours is moving ahead faster than mine--LOL

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    Great article. I started my own quest for minimalism several years ago. Since then I have gone from a back pack, to a waist pack, to pockets in a fishing shirt and shorts.
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    That's me, but I didn't write it. Wish I did. Perfect!

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