Had a pair of the Simms Flats Sneakers for less than a year, and the material that the upper is made of started flaking off, no big deal, not wearing them for looks anyway. But the last time I wore them, the sole of one of them came apart at the instep. It kind of mad me mad that I spent that lind of money for something to last that short of time, got disgusted and tossed them.<BR>I was in my local shop where I bought them and was offered another set, but I did not want to be a pain to them, so I sent Simms an e-mail telling them what happened and that I tossed the boots. <BR>&nbsp;After I sent the e-mail, I took off to a local lake to fish for a little while, and didn't think I would hear from them for a while, due to the time difference between Florida and Montana. But when I got home and checked my mail there was an reply requesting my phone number, so I replied with the phone number and before I could take the phone out of my pocket, a fella from Simms was calling me. <BR>He was really helpful, and they are sending me another pair, even though I tossed the others. <BR>GREAT SERVICE, and customer support! The guy I spoke to told me they are aware of the problems and for me to keep the e-mail address in case I have problems and that the boots have been upgraded. <BR>&nbsp;I will buy more of their products, looking at a set of waders for when the water gets below 70 deg here, which is cold for Florida.... LOL