Atlantic Salmon Federation News

Passing the Salmon Conservation Torch
Christopher H. Buckley Jr. has assumed the chairmanship of ASF's U.S. Board of Directors. He combines a rich background of environmental litigation with a passion for Atlantic salmon and understanding of the importance of the species and its rivers. Read more:

ASF's Bill Taylor "on the record" to Parliamentary Committee on Fisheries Act Amendments
The exchange of views during Bill Taylor's Nov. 8 presentation to the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans provides insight into some of the shortcomings of the legislation and the process. Read more.

Albion Explores Land-based Aquaculture
A Vancouver-based company is developing local markets for land-based farmed Atlantic salmon, and finding the product is approved by chefs. Read more

Salmon Farming Comes Ashore
A major article explores the developing Namgis land-based aquaculture facility nearing completion on Vancouver Island. With netpen farms impacting wild salmon, Namgis may herald the future. A fascinating and detailed article.