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Thread: SBS Korn's WH Apple Caddis Emerger

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    Default SBS Korn's WH Apple Caddis Emerger

    Materials List:
    Hook: #16-18
    Wire Head: Gold 28 ga. wire two layers 3 over 4. wire run on top of back to bend.
    Body: 1/3rd DK#3 apple green, 1/3rd olive GSS, 1/3rd fox squirrel dubbing
    Teardrop Wing: light tan hen feather, cut out tip tied tips down then folded back, trim butt.
    Collar: fox squirrel dubbing.

    A step by step:

    make thread base for wire head tie in wire

    add drop of super glue then wrap head 3 over 4 turns 2 layers
    run wire down top of hook shank to bend, cover with thread wraps

    dub 1/3 of shank with apple green dubbing

    add GSS olive dubbing and fox squirrel dubbing to 1/3rd of hook

    prep light tan or ginger hen feather as shown

    tie in feather "V" notch down behind wire head

    fold feather back to form a "teardrop wing"

    add more fox squirrel dubbing in front of wing

    turns of dubbing will force wing back and down, cupping body
    ~ notice the bright green dubbing shining through the wing ~

    completed Korn's WH Apple Caddis Emerger
    tied and photographed by Doug Korn
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