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Doug -

That is a very creative approach with the single feather for the hackle, legs, and wing. Nicely done.

I am curious about tying the wire down along the top of the hook shank to the bend. Is the intent to simply add weight, or make the fly ride "hook up", or both ??


P.S. I did finally have a reason to tie some flies using your WH approach - it worked out quite well.
John, the wire along the top is not essential. I put it there for some additional weight and instead of putting it on the side, I put it on top to give an impression of a scud hook.... These apple caddis pupa are chunky and short, so that's what I am trying to simulate. I don't believe that small amount of wire will encourage the hook to ride upside down as I fish these on the swing, two at a time.... But since you brought it up I wonder..?.. Maybe I'll just go back to tying it on the side or breaking it after making the wire head... OK - it's off to the water tank for some testing......