And most are at end of the season prices - 30% off. Unfortunately, they're all in Japan and unlike Plat or AllFishBuy they do not cater to international orders. Suggested use of Google Chrome to automatically translate the Japanese. I'm guessing that those in stock are represented by the script in blue and the red is out of stock. So stocks may be short despite the large listings.

Nissin Tenkara Rods:

Daiwa Tenkara Rods:

Shimano Tenkara Rods:

"Small Joint" (Kotugi) Rods. Not all seem to fit the translation, but the Daiwa Kiyose rods are in this category.

Nissin Small Joint:

Daiwa Small Joint:

Shimano Small Joint:

There are also those listed as "Ayu bait flies" or "Ayu fly rod bait."




Those listed as "Inherits Length" rods are the the extra-long rods which I believe are those meant for fishing in main streams for salmon.

Have a drool....