I don't post very often, however, desperation has beenreached. My daughter Julie Morrison, now Julie Jacques was due to have a babyin January. Our first grandbaby. Her husband is in the Army stationed at Ft.Stewart, GA. He just got sent to Afghanistan within the past month this is his3rd tour to the sand box. She has been having problems lately with the pregnancy.High Blood pressure and water gain. They transferred her to Macon GA today forPre-clammy (sp). The doctors indicate they have to take the baby at 28 weeks.We are trying to get from Wyoming to Georgia in a day or so. Our fly tacklebusiness has gone to **** due to the economy, money is very short. Somehow wewill get there to support her in her time of need. Please pray for her andCharles who is stationed in Afghanistan and our travel from Wyoming to Georgia.

Bill and Kathi