Just wondering what size level line everyone uses with there rods? I have Tenkara Bums Hi Viz Orange Fluorocarbon . I also bought a 24' Sempai Furled line. I also have a couple of regular furled lines from other makers (Cutthroat,Streamside,Moonlit). I also have made a couple lines from the running line of a 2wt fly line. I have found the Sempai line to work the best. I can also cast this line in wind easier than the other lines. The next best furled line was the moonlit furled line. I just wish he made them in longer lengths.

Recently, I have been wanting to try casting lighter level lines. I have found this line size chart on Tenkara Talk:
# 1.5 (diameter .205mm = .008″)
# 2 (diameter .235mm = .009″)
# 3 (diameter .285mm = .011″)
# 4 (diameter .330mm = .013″)
# 5 (diameter .370mm = .0146″)
I have some 10# Berkeley Vanish Fluorocarbon which is .011". I have not tried this line by itself yet but plan too. I also plan to buy some 8# line to try. I know that regular fluorocarbon lines are not uniform in diameter the length of the line as tippet or even lines made for Tenkara.

Most of my tenkara use has been in retention ponds fishing for gills and bass. So the heavier level lines in longer lengths has been the best. When I switch over to stream fishing and trying for drag free drifts these lines tend to be to heavy, hence my reason to try lighter lines. For those of you that have tenkara rods, what lines have you used and what lines do you like the best? What lengths do you find to work the best? Looking foward to your replies.