As Scheck and Phillips have both pointed out so well, the amount of line pressure we can apply to a big fish with rod and line in water is very limited - ranging between 1 and 2 pounds with 8/9 weight western fly rod, and not exceeding 3 pounds by much at the most with all the wrist wrenching and rod exploding force you can put into your fish fighting activities. The reason for making this point is to inform and encourage Tenkara anglers that the 5X tippet material limit placed on T-USA's rods is not all that limiting in the total scene of things. 5x, depending on the brand you are using, has a breaking strength of between 4 and 5 pounds. If the most pressure we can muster with an 8/9 weight rod using considerably heavier tippet material is only 3 pounds if we are lucky, then 4 to 5 pound test 5X tippet material ought to be able to land some pretty big fish even on a Tenkara rod with no reel to give out line. What we are lacking is not necessarily tippet material strength but the angling skills we need for playing large fish on Tenkara tackle. And requesting rod makers to provide us with heavier breaking tippet strength Tenkara rods will not improve our skill levels at all. Lacking sufficient numbers of big fish to develop our fish fighting abilities on as we do, the next best course of action is to practice side pressure application on the everyday sized smaller fish that we usually catch. That way, when you do tie into an extra large fish, you will have already established the automatic muscle memory and reflexes you will need to successfully fight a big fish.