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Thread: We Need an Intervention in Kansas

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    Default We Need an Intervention in Kansas

    To our friendly members in Kansas, it appears the our fave, East Kansassy, Swamp Witch has not experienced proper (i.e. bluegill) angling all this Summer. Somebody needs to take her firmly in hand, (or broom, or even auto) and deliever her unto the still waters in which bluegills, shellcrackers, longears, and green sunfish doth dwell. I know that our members who are local to the area are capable of this. I've seen the pictures. If they should fail, then drastic measures will be called for. Don't fail. I don't think Kansas is ready for a Plague of Toads.

    Ed, who's darned near a Plague all by himself.

    P.S. The bottle is still sitting on the bed of my truck. I'm talking about the one that's half-full of multi-year-old, sun-ripened fish lure composed of assorted crawfish pieces. That brew should be riper than anything y'all have seen in a caldron. Don't bring that sort of plague to anywhere near your houses. If I take it to Kansas, it STAYS in Kansas! <insert Evil Laughter>
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