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I relocated to Indiana (Bloomington) about six years ago, and really miss the trout streams of the West. So I'd probably answer the "Who needs trout" question with, "I do."

I too fish the tailwater you referenced when I can, but have never tried to do so with a Tenkara rod. In fact, I have never fished a Tenkara rod. But I can imagine what it might be like to catch White Bass on one.

While I can't say that I have a burning desire to try Tenkara rods, as Bill appears to be in Speedway, and Mike appears to be in Greenwood, I may have to hook up with one of you two sometime and see what this Tenkara stuff is really all about. Also, where are you guys "touching" these rods? I've never noticed them in Wildcat Creek or Fly Masters. (The only two fly shops I am aware of in the area.)

David, Flymastars is selling the TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara rod. When I bought my first rod I had to do so with no hands on. It took me over a year and half to finally break down and buy one. I am glad I did. If you want to get toghter to try out a rod or two just let me know. I am sure we could find time. Also Pual Arnold who post on here is from Blomington and has some tenkara rods.

Mike P.