Who needs trout when you have white bass. The closest trout stream to me is a little over an hour away. It is also a very pressured tail water fishery that is stocked with put and take rainbows. They also stock this with brown trout that will hopefully hold over and survive year to year. I hit the tailwaters Monday to try out my snatchers and was only able to manage one brown in the net.

So instead of going back to try my luck again today I hit a local creek to try my luck with the warmwater fishes. First spot I hit I managed a couple small gills and that was it. After a hour I went to another spot. Water level has been low all year which made access easier with better fishing areas. After walking the bank to find the holes I found a spot to fish. Did not see much activity in the clear water but decided to give it a try. I got a few hits before finally hooking up with a white bass.

The action was slow in this spot so decided to move down to another area. Moving turned out to be a good thing. I seen activity in the water and some fish hitting the surface. The action changed between being real active to slow at times. The first time the action slowed I decided to fish 2 flies. This was a blast but also a pain. If you have every fished for white bass you know they follow the one that is hooked looking to get a piece that falls off. I had about 10 doubles of white bass on but only landed one double. I landed close to 50 white bass in 3 hours of fishing. Even though they where small they where still fun on the Nissin Prosquare.

All white bass where around these sizes and where returned. I was hoping to caught a few crappie but none decided to come out to play. I did manage a small LMB about 10" in the mix of Whites. I may be going back again tomorrow to try my luck again.

Mike P.