I just got back from fishing with my 5 year old at a community pond. Normally, he's "bait" fishing and has a pretty good cast with an open face reel. But after reading somewhere, something to the effect of, "get yourself a willow and go fish like you used to as a kid." I did basically just that. I had a bamboo cane that I simply tied an equal length of 8 pound mono to. We tied on a black ant, just to see what would happen before we resorted to "bait" and went fishing.

10 little rainbows in just over an hour. I've never had more fun fishing. Never! And the look and enthusiasm my 5 year old had can't be bought.

Another thread is asking, "If you could have only one fly rod what would it be?" Right now I'd have to say, " A ten foot hunk of bamboo."

The smarter I get the less I know.