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Thread: EVENINGS ALONG THE STREAM (part 17) - EOTG - Oct 8, 2012

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    Default EVENINGS ALONG THE STREAM (part 17) - EOTG - Oct 8, 2012


    July 9th, and tonight I am out alone, I believe that the Neil, the Editor of FAOL, is doing editor type work tonight. 7 P.M. but alas the weather may defeat my purpose as the wind and light rain continues to keep the creek quiet with no midges, spinners, or even caddis are presently moving and thus the trout are moving and feeding but rarely. Though I did get nice photograph of a double rainbow glinting over the house pond, except for one other angler no one else is left on the creek.

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    I have enjoyed all the articles that Tom Travis has written and shared with FALOL.

    I really liked the midge fly patterns in this installment of
    "Evening Along The Stream ((part 17)", best part of this article was part the ending statement of the ....

    "Furthermore, when I reviewed the notes that I made when I used the stomach samples to build an insect display, first those samples represented every month of the year for a fifteen year period. Secondly when dealing with midge worm imitations, I seldom found that the trout keyed to the size and seldom were the midge worms found in the stomach samples all one sizes. The conclusions are that sizes 16 and 18 are all you really need for midge worm imitations..."

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