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Thread: FROM THE ARCHIVES : YELLOWSTONE - Archives - Oct 8, 2012

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    Default FROM THE ARCHIVES : YELLOWSTONE - Archives - Oct 8, 2012


    The sun was just breaking through the trees as I made my walk around the campground circle. Here at 7,000 feet plus it takes a few days for this ol' man to be able to breath. I was sure that the tourists had used up all the air. To build my lungs and decrease my need for lots of Oxygen, I would slowly make the trip around the camp circle each morning.

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    Yes, we know Al passed away - what has it been two years ago already? It's still a terrific article.

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    The placement of the Al Campbell Memorial Bench, is at the Cleghorn Springs Hatchery, in Rapid City. It sits by a tree close enough to Rapid Creek, so that you can hear the creek flow as you sit there.

    "Many of the unplanned things that happen to us are really blessings," ~Al

    Al Campbell
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    Deanna: You are not alone in your grief of losing someone that cared for and love everyone he met ....
    Even now I still think about Al Campbell everyday when I go on line at FAOL, remembering Al's willingness to help others with their questions and fly angling problems

    I have now been a member of FAOL for 15 years (Oct 6th 1997), without Deanna Travis and Al Campbell, I would not be the person I have become. Helping others on FAOL, host the annual "Beginner's Only Fly Swaps", and offer at no cost "FAOL Fly Pattern CD's". I continue to help others as Al and Deanna have help me!~Parnelli

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    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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