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Thread: Idaho Fish-In 2013

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    Default Idaho Fish-In 2013

    The 2012 ID FI is over and the date for next year has been set and we are set up with the Three Rivers Resort for Sept 21 thru the 28th, 2013.

    Even though the after action report has not yet been scribed by myself (am waiting for the rest of the photos to be sent to me), it is not too soon to let me know you are planning and for you to get on the "I'm Going" list.
    I will start it off:
    Kenny & Daff, Denny & Pistol

    Let me know & I will add your name.

    Just a peek: I have attended 9 of the 11 we have had at Lowell and this year I caught more fish than ever before. Everyone I talked to caught lots of fish and for the most part they were all larger this year!!

    Unless someone else steps up to Host next year, looks like I will.

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