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Thread: Brittle or Discolored Fluorocarbon?

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    Default Brittle or Discolored Fluorocarbon?

    I've been fishing the Brookville (IN) tail waters quite abit in the past month. I've noticed the fluorocarbon leaders I am using appearto discolor and turn brittle. I even tried a "new" one purchased fromthe "O" fly shop. I asked the folks at the "other" fly shop and they had heard one report of the "O" shop fluorocarbons discoloring. They had not associated it with the tail waters.

    The leaders do not appear to be affected by the water in the local pond where I fish quite a bit. Compared to the tail waters the pond could be considered acess pool. I am wondering if the tail waters are extremely acidic or alkaline.

    The selling point of fluorocarbon is that is invisible in water. It is not if it discolors. Turning brittle, it losses a lot of flies.

    Has anyone else experienced discoloring or brittle fluorocarbons? (Perhaps I'mturning brittle...)
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