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    Default April 2013 Swap of the Month

    I have been viewing the videos by Hans Weilenmann and came up with the theme for April.

    One of his favorite types is Q&E - Quick and Effective.

    Pick one of your favorites that you know is effective and you can tie in 5 minutes or less.

    Because I reside in Ontario Canada, Bill Houk has graciously offered to have the flies sent to him and he will sort and distribute them.

    So to start off

    1.) gmac209 - Jacob pattern size 22 got some more sz22
    2.) Bob9 - Serendipity size 16
    3.) Captain Mortis -Crippled CDC & Elk
    4.) Rick Z - Nymph
    5.) BillHouk - Pike Streamer
    6.) Gigmaster - Bunny Leech
    7.) Sjo - Partridge and Orange
    8.) Icemanxxv - Zebra Midge
    9.) Chris - Foam Spider
    10.) Albasurf- Black Marabou Leech
    11.) Branhap
    12.) roadhog
    13.) jwb1977 - Rick's Caddis
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