Before Kaboom1 and I left on our 30 day fly fishing trip last year I weighed 205 lbs!! Right after we got back I also moved so when I went in for my 6 month checkup I was at 186 lbs. 6 months later I'm at 195 lbs. and my Doc is not liking it!! She told me to cut 200 calories a day out of my diet and exercise, "Walking" she suggested! 200 calories is a peice of cake (did that with my normal breakfast) but the day time temps were in tripple figures and no way was I going to walk in that! Instead I bought a stationary bike at K-Mart and now drink my morning coffee while watching the news as I peddle away for 30 minutes every day.
I'm down to 180-185 after 10 weeks. (I also park at least 100 yards from the store entrance)
The Side Effects have kicked in though!! I can now drive for hours without my legs going numb! My balance is better! My stairs are easier to climb! Wading is easier! And last but not least, I have reclaimed a whole bunch of slacks and jeans that I did not fit 3 months ago!!