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    Okay, after some searching, LL Bean has a Point 65 Tandem Sit-on-Top Kayak. This can be used solo or tandem. The Point 65 site shows 8 middle sections with a bow and stern section being paddled along. Do I know 7 other people I would put in a kayak with me? Anyhow, looks good, it is wide and i need to research the tracking with this. I won't do heavy water, just ponds and really slow rivers.
    Anybody have experience with this?
    Camping World is advertising a Portable Tandem Kayak. It can be broken into 3 pieces, one style to do tandem, one style with the middle removed for solo. Anybody have experience with this? It looks good, but 3 pieces? But, lightweight and easy to get in even a small wagon. Okay, did some research. These are modular, fit together. The pieces fit in and seem to be pretty tight. There are different models, LL Bean has some etc. The company is Snapontop Kayaks. So, any ideas?
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