The PET/CT scan Monday revealed that all but two out of a total of seven tumors are "resolved." That's right, GONE! The other two are reduced to the point that a clinical trial kicked in that removed the chemo drug with the worst side effects.

The carboplatin was causing all kinds of stuff to happen. Severe lethargy, low red blood cell count, dizziness and more. It's also the cause for most folks to lose their hair and I still haven't lost my hair.

There will be three infusions of the other chemo drug which is very well tolerated followed by another PET/CT scan to be sure we are not going backwards and if we do slip a bit, we will go to a targeted therapy.

Overall prognosis: The cancer was advanced enough that we were never really shooting for remission, but rather to hold the desease at bay. I am beating the odds at this point. Unfortunately, for every person like me that beats the odds, someone else gets the bad news. We need to say prayers for those folks just as much as I need your continued prayers.