Looking back on all the questions I've posed on this site, I surely do owe you folks alot for saving me the humiliation of looking like a moron in front of skilled fishermen. From the beginning (Which end of the leader do I tie to the fly line?) to now, my mechanics have matured considerably. The problem is, still no fish. I mean none. At all. I'll fish for hours and see trout rise 20 feet, ten feet, 5 feet from my fly - not interested. Its seriously getting to the point where I'm thinking the sport isn't for me. But just in case, how important is it to get the exact right fly? I mean, I'll try ten different flies and still get nothing. I've GOT to be doing something wrong. All the people at the local shops say early black stoneflies are the way to go, but I don't see any hatches. When I do try them, nothing. Its starting to warm up and get sunny enough that I don't use streamers anymore, but nymphs and cressbugs don't help either. I mean, any suggestions? Fish just don't seem interested in what I've got to offer.