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Thread: Diego-Garcia?

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    I just got tagged for a trip and will have a couple days there next week. Anybody ever been stationed there, and if so, is there any fly fishing available? I'm taking my stuff and will find a way. I'm hitting google pretty hard, just wondering if anyone has any experience. I was there @ 6 years ago and don't remember much. (I'm a Lifetime Member of the DGYC.....Does that get me any points?)

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    I work with a lot of Navy folks and have talked to a few about fishing there. Most have taken advantage of the excellent bluewater fishing with conventional gear. A couple have said they waded for bonefish and trevally with spinning and fly gear.

    You will find the little bit of info I have found here:

    Also try contacting the base MWR office before you leave to see what they can tell you. Their MWR website is sparsely populated with information on anything but a direct inquiry might get you some information or at least let you know if they have a fishing club on base.

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    We have a friend in WA who use to post here - Al Roberts...he did a couple of tours there..take extra fly lines the coral on the drop off is deadly. Very good bonefishing in the British section - find the commander, the one who was there was a fly fisher as well, the best way to gain access.

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    fr8dog - I was stationed there a year ago for 13 months. PM me and I will divulge everything.


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