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Thread: Odd Things Found On Trout Stream?

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    Thursday of this week I was riding with my friend in the Sierras of eastern California. We had been fishing Bishop creek just below Lake Sabrina. The tree colors were astounding and I had depleted the batteries in my camera shooting scenery. There is some construction on Lake Sabina road and it is one lane with a timed signal light. Right below the construction is a campground next to North Lake road. There was a deer standing in the road staring at us for a few seconds then she walked into the trees on my side of the truck. I turned on my cell phone camera and tried to take pictures of her as she walked. I was getting frustrated because of the slowness of the 2MP camera when she stopped in the trees and turned toward me and just posed. Mike stopped and backed up so I could snap a few pics. Even with all the time I had and the 6 pictures I took only 2 turned out ok and only one has the deer visible. It's kinda like "Where's Waldo?"
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