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Thread: REFLECTIONS - Readers Cast (Neil M. Travis) - Sep 10, 2012

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    Default REFLECTIONS - Readers Cast (Neil M. Travis) - Sep 10, 2012


    I presume that age has something to do with it but I increasing find myself looking back and reflecting upon where we've been and wondering where we're going. I've lived through the renaissance of fly fishing from the late 50's to the present. Recently I pulled several old fly fishing catalogues from my bookcase and sat out under the trees in my lawn and looked back at the history of fly fishing equipment from my past.

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    I enjoyed the personalized history of Orvis. I recall that, in one of his books from the late 80s, John Girach pointed out that Orvis pitched its newest impregnated bamboo model as "a rod that had the same crisp action" as their top of the line graphite rod. LOL The remark is not lost since I am aware of John's oft stated preference for bamboo.

    On a more serious note, I do miss the self loading aspect of the heavier bamboo and glass rods though it is an esoteric point. It made timing much easier, but it was lost when the lighter graphite material was adopted.

    Nice reflevction.

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