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Thread: TOMMORROW'S FISH - Whip Finish - Aug 27, 2012

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    Default TOMMORROW'S FISH - Whip Finish - Aug 27, 2012


    Slipping quietly out the cabin door, I was careful not to wake the family as they slept. I pulled my waders from the hook where they had hung overnight. Cold against my legs, they seemed stiff and cumbersome as I bent to tie my boots. Though it sounds uncomfortable, it's a feeling I relish that takes me back to cold waders with my dad as a kid every time. Standing straight I adjusted my vest, checked for my forceps, floatant and nippers. All were in place.

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    Ralph -

    Very much enjoyed your tale. Including the part about knowing when it is time to quit for the day.

    Just curious, though. Did you go back the next day and catch those fishies ?? Do we have a sequel coming to an FAOL Home Page near us soon ??

    The fish are always right.

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