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    I used to use Jason Klass' blog for links to the different sites that sold tenkara gear and rods. When he joined with TUSA he took down that list from his blog. Now he is no longer with TUSA but has not put the list back up. I am not sure if he will. Chris Stewart also post about the last Tenkara Summit and how it would have been better if all the different Sellers of gear was there. This got me thinking and I have collected the web addresses of the different sites that sell Tenkara gear and rods. I wanted to share this list with others that are looking for more choices. If you know of a site I do not list please let me know and add it in a reply. I am not affiliated with any of these sites and have only dealt with a couple of them. Hopefully I am not breaking any forum rules with this post. If I am please let me know and delete my post. Here is my list.

    Mike P.
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