I know opinions are like...never mind..So lets hear them on waders. After 3 1/2 years of fishing in at least 4 different states my Hodgman Streamlight waders ($79 Dick's spoting goods specials) have begun to leak on a leg seam. I will make every attempt to identify the leak and use this pair for some warm water streams around here. But, due to a recent windfall, precipitated by my back muscles, ( I never get called for the design and engineering part, just the heavy lifting) I have $180 to buy some new waders. What's the best thing going for the price. Don't need boots, just waders.I'm a Med. to Lg. Want breatheables. Don't care about bells and whistles, just wear and durability.

These are the idle thoughts that posses a man's mind when he's not able to fish.