Since I already pay an extra conservation surcharge to fish in various "classified water" I have no real problem paying a little more. That being said I feel for Albertans and the situation they now face.

this is from the end of the link provided above
"B.C. anglers who have been fishing the southeastern rivers for years have noted a steady increase in pressure. Trailheads and drift boat access points now typically have several vehicles parked at them almost every day in the summer. And it is difficult to find a section of the river to wade without seeing dozens of boats go by in a day.

On the Elk River licensed commercial guides/assistants increased from 9, in 1995, to 52 in 2002. Guided days on the Elk jumped during the same period from 149 to more than 1500."

Now compared to some of the more popular US rivers and the fishing pressure they receive this may not seem like much, but it has started. Once damage has been done to the fishery it takes a long time for the ecosystem to recover. I won't even get into all of the opinions I have on this issue, it would be way too long.

I guess it's just a sign of the times. If you feel strongly about it contact BC government , it's tourism and fisheries ministries, or contact your local representatives. By all, means don't just post here, let 'em know!