I was thinking of the threads about Extended Body Dry Flies and my need to start getting into the swing of off-season tying. So I thought I'd offer to host a swap with Extended Body Dry Flies as a theme seeing how there was a lot of discussion (posts) about this style of fly within two recent threads.
Here're the particulars:

1. Sign-up date by October 21.
2. Limited to 15 tyers so that everyone will tye a maximum of 14 flies. I will PM my mailing address to the participants after the sign-up date.
3. Deadline will be November 30. That means flies MUST be in my hands by that date. Any flies arriving after that date will be returned to sender. Therefore, DO NOT sign up if you cannot make the deadline. You do not want to embarrass yourself, disappoint others and put a blemmish on your reputation.
4. Communication is an important key. If you do sign up and anything happens that disrupts your ability to complete the swap as planned, contact me immediately and we may be able to work something out.
5. THE FLIES: Each fly should have an attached 'toe tag' that includes the following information: a)your name; b)pattern name; c)hook size; d)recipe.
6. A list of the tyers who sign up for this swap will appear in this post (see below) along with the pattern they've selected. As flies arrive, I will update that information by placing the arrival date alongside the tyers name.
7. Participants should ship their flies in crush proof container within a mailing envelope that should also include a stamped self addressed return envelope. At the end of the swap I will: 1)photograph the flies and post the photos further down in this thread, 2)mail the sets of flies back to participants by December 6th.

If I've left something out or if there are any questions, please contact me or post the question prior to signing up for the swap. The more clarity up front, the less chance for confussion later.


List of Participants and patterns:

Allan P. - extended body March Brown(PITA style)