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Thread: HOW DUMB WAS THAT? - Readers cast (Roger Murray) - Aug 13, 2012

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    Default HOW DUMB WAS THAT? - Readers cast (Roger Murray) - Aug 13, 2012


    First off let me clarify something in my defense, meager though it may be. The creek was in flood, really high, quite menacing actually. There was talk of it overflowing its banks causing flooding in its lower reaches near where it flows into the lake. This is what caused us to eschew our regular camping spot situated down in the steep valley where the little creek has carved its way through solid rock over the millennia. Instead, we settled for a higher, less desirable but safer location far from its raging fury.

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    Those of us who are have never made a mistake will not understand, but the remainder understand being there without our fishing tackle through no fault but our own. You are to be commended for reinventing Tenkara (I think) and battling two monster trout. You don't get the lead in the remake of MacGyver but maybe you can be technical advisor for the show where he stays alive by eating his catch.
    It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. Mark Twain

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    Roger -

    Great story. You certainly haven't lost your touch.

    It reminds me of a definition of "adventure" as "poor planning."

    If you had taken your best fly angling gear on that outing, we never would have heard about it. Thanks for forgetting, and remembering.

    The fish are always right.

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