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    I was going to go to Alberta back in July, but late runoff and heavy rains postponed that trip until last week. I did finally make it up to Alberta, though, with three goals in mind. 1. Catch a bull trout. 2. Catch a westslope cutthroat. 3. Catch a 24" bull trout.

    Not a bad view heading up to the mountains...

    After an 11 hour drive though, I finally made it to the first feeder creek I was going to fish. A few minutes later I caught my first westslope cutt:

    A bit later I came up on a deep hole so I tied on a big white wooly bugger. A few drift through there and I caught my first bull trout!

    Unfortunately, that was about all she wrote for that stream. I missed a couple more strikes, but the fishing wasn't as fast and furious as I was hoping for. So I headed down to the main river to try to catch a big bull. I found a nice looking hole and pulled out my seven weight. Unfortunately, I didn't see any big bulls, but I did get a nice fat westslope to slam a big streamer.

    But, hey, the clouds parted just before it got dark!

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