Warning - shameless plug follows

The Tying Tenkara Flies DVD I worked on with LearnTenkara.com has just been released.

It is a full 2.5 hours and covers 19 flies (17 patterns). There is an introduction by Japanese tenkara master Dr. Ishigaki, along with underwater footage of the flies and on-stream footage of fish being caught with some of them. It even answers the question of why the hackle is pointed the "wrong" way for a wet fly.

Most of the flies tied in the video are in the tenkara style, although Hans Weilenmann' CDC & Elk is included, as is Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug. (I still catch more fish on a Killer Bug than any other fly, by far.)

It was a lot of fun to make and I hope that people who have been dabbling with the tenkara style of fly would find it interesting and helpful. More than that, I hope it will put fish on your line (and I really think it will).