Well I ordered and received my Floating T-Line from Rigs Fly Shop and Guide Service a few days ago. The Hi-Viz section, with the Tippet Ring attached, appears to be a very bright orange-red mono material in a color that really jumps out at you in the sunlight, which is just 1/8th of an inch short of being 27" long, and is nail knotted to the very pale green (almost white for very good visibility) floating fly line, which measured out at .026 thousandths of an inch in diameter with out me compressing the line coating as I measured it. The floating line portion of my line is about 2 inches short of being 10 feet long. The braided loop line is also nail knotted to the back of the floating line, for attachment to the lillian on your T-rod. It measures 7 inches long, with 3 of the 7 inches being made up of the rod attachment Perfect Loop Knot, which makes the total line length for the line coming out closer to 13 feet + than the nominal 12 feet line length specified by Rigs. These are hand tied lines available in both 10 and 12 foot lengths for the floating T-lines that they make up themselves in the shop, which means there will always be some variation from specified measurements that will not effect the functioning of the lines in any significant way in my view. The Floating Lines are made for 6/4 and faster rod actions, according to Rigs.

I immediately took the line out into my backyard and cast it on my 13.5 foot Amago Tenkara USA T-rod. I was concerned that the relatively long and thin braided line to rod juncture would hinge, but that proved not to be a problem at all. Rigs rates this line as a 3.5 line. I have a friend who has just acquired a Yamame T-USA T-rod, who also bought this line and cast it in a backyard swimming pool, he was also quite pleased with how the line casts and how well it floated. RIO's 20 pound PowerFlex Running Line measures out at .030 thousandths of an inch, so I believe the 3.5 size rating by Rigs is pretty accurate. There can not be very much lighter than water coating on a line core that is as thin as it would have to be to make a line that is this thin, but the line floats very well for as thin a line as it is.

Storing the line on the rod on the EZ-Keepers over night put some kink memory into the line, just like it would in any Fluorocarbon line, but a healthy stretch put things back in order pretty quickly. This line can and does handle wind better than a level or a tapered FC line will. In actual fishing, I fished with a tungsten bead head weighted small Wooly Bugger pattern, and a size 12 foam/rubber leg ant pattern on a 4 foot long tippet in a stiff breeze, with no problems. I believe there is enough power in the line to turn over a fairly wind resistant fly pattern with an 8 foot long 5X tippet.

As for holding your line up off of the water, the drape was a little less than what it is with T-USA's Traditional Tapered Lines, which was a pleasant surprise and an unexpected bonus for me. I primarily see the uses for floating Tenkara lines as being used for still water angling, where you can not hold your line up and off of the water under windy conditions with out the line getting blown all over the place. The floating line will keep floating fly patterns on the surface of the water longer, instead of pulling them under the water the way the sinking T-lines do, allowing you to make drag free presentations with dry flies under both still and windy conditions with a floating Tenkara fly line, and extending your casting reach because you do not have to hold your line up off of the water to keep the fly floating. A floating line also greatly simplifies the presentation of emerger type fly patterns. Although this is a level floating line, the back of the line near the rod is considerably thinner in diameter than T-USA's furled tapered traditional lines are, and much lighter in weight because this line floats on the water instead of sinking beneath it. The price for either the 10 or a 12 foot long floating line is the same - $28.50 each, plus shipping, and the service was fast, Priority U.S. Mail. For what it is worth have no financial interests in Rigs Fly Shop in any way, shape or form. A floating T-Line was something that I tried to get Tenkara USA and Chris to make available for we stillwater Tenkara anglers for some time with out much interest being expressed on their parts. Rigs, with no urging from me, has seen the light and done it right on the first try. I believe one good turn deserves another, so I am letting anyone here who might be interested know about these Floating Tenkara Fly Lines....Golden.