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Thread: August Swap of the month

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    i got some nice flys yesterday. Thanks everyone for flys well tied!
    Steven Adler

    Drive it like you stole it! Half the fun of getting there is not knowing your going to make it?

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    Flies arrived today, look great - thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdesavage View Post
    Hi Guy's
    I have been recieving some Excellent Flies, A BIG THANK YOU to ALL for keeping Me in the loop.
    The Vet has switched My "Witches Brew" of drugs and I am able to tie(somewhat) again.
    The flies are not as nice as I would like them but they are fishable and Nowhere near as small as I like.
    I would like to get re-involved in the swap again. I can only tie a few at a time but I can handle getting them done in a month.
    Also if anyone need some XXXL goretex waders like new cheep check out the for sale section in a day or two.
    My wading Days are over and so are Jean's. Boy it's a B***h getting old. Next time around I'm definatley picking a different set of parents
    Getting old isn't for wimps, I'll tell you that much. Had I known, I would have prepared better.

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    Got some great flies last week. Great job, everyone.

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