Hello Anglers of the Au Sable members!

This is a call for assistance with the new cedar tree planting being done on the upper Manistee in the Deward area on September 22 at 9:00 a.m.

We will meet at Old Au Sable Fly Shop in Grayling in conjunction with the Manistee River clean up being organized by Old Au Sable Fly Shop. After the planting we can all return to Old Au Sable for the picnic.
Your help is needed to prepare and plant 50 white cedar trees along the east bank at the following location: N 44?49.371 W 84?50.182. The entrance is a two track trail off upper Manistee River Rd. above Cameron Bridge. It is 2.6 miles north of the bridge in the middle of the Deward bypass curve. There will be a "Cedars for the Au Sable" sign at the drive entrance. It is a 100 yard walk to river. We will need folks who are willing to make cages, clean and prepare planting sites, planters, waterers and record keepers.
We will need work gloves, hand gardening tools, shovels, small sledge hammers/mauls/post drivers, wire cutters, buckets for watering, and someone with waders as there are two island structures where we will place a caged cedar tree. I will be bringing saw horses to make a cutting table for making cages along with water bottles and post planting adult beverages.
There are a few poison ivy plants in the area.We have tried to avoid planting anywhere near them. If you are allergic we can use your help making cages. I suggest knee high boots and long sleeves as we will be planting in dew laden areas and close to the water's edge with some muddy spots.
One delivery vehicle is allowed to pass through the gate to deliver materials so that we don't have to carry them very far. We can caravan up there and back to share rides.
Your help is greatly appreciated. If you would let me know you are coming we can give Old Au Sable a head count for food.
My contact information is j.shiflett@live.com
Thank you in advance.
Jim Shiflett