I have a huge list of emails to send out with several different links to about Tenkara. People were amazed by how simple and beautiful the rods feel. Like I'm sure others have heard how do you land a big fish. As I haven't really landed a BIG fish yet, explained the process as best I could. I love to fish Tenkara, but desire a tutor to help me learn a bit more. So if anyone wants to come help teach me how to be a better Tenkara Angler come on over. I live close to Tom from Teton Tenkara and will be trying to meet up with him as I should be moving soon back to Pocatello Idaho only a few miles from where he is, but more tutors is better. Chris I hope to someday be able to meet you in person and sit down and talk so I can soak all your knowledge up like a very dry sponge! Hopefully if you are ever over in my neck of the woods we could meet up for a trip to some of the very beautiful Tenkara waters of which I am blessed to be surrounded by.