So here I am in the beautiful Island Park Idaho next to the famed Henrys Fork of the Snake River, and loving it. Only thing that would make it better is if I wasn't so busy producing furled leaders I would be fishing, but will have time for that later. I am making and selling my western furled leaders to people who come by in a booth at an outdoors craft type show at Buffalo Run Campground, and explain my passion for Tenkara. Of course I have my Tenkara_Fishing Tenkara rod with my crafted line on it and let them try it out casting it a bit. Everyone gets so excited about it and asks where they might get this set up. I am so excited to hopefully bring more people into this beautiful art form of fly fishing. Can't wait to see what tomorow brings me. For many reasons I love fly fishing but sharing my passion is sometimes just as fun and exciting as actually doing it myself. I hope to share that passion this week end to many people who decide to stop by and see me as I am making my leaders.