Hi all new to the forum and joined on Chris Stewart's reccomedation.
I got interested in tenkara a hair over a month ago.

Devouring all info I can find on the subject from East to West.

My western gear now collecting dust for the time being.

I will be frank a certain forum turned me off and I am looking for a neutral source of info on tenkara.

I have two tenkara rods a 9 ft Soyokaze from Chris and a 12 foot Hirame from All Fishing Buy which I believe to be a re-branded Nissin.

Chris says the 9 ft rod is for 10 inch fish or less. Don't believe him I am catching 15 and 16 inch rainbows on this rod. Awesome.

Anyway just thought I would introduce myself here.

Looking forward to the discourse.

Thank You,
JC Hall