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Thread: BIKINI HOPPER POPPER - FOTW - Jul 16, 2012

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    bikini hopper 4.jpgbikini hopper 5.jpgFold the circle in half. Start cutting at the bottom point of the fold and cut up at an angle. Here's some photos from my phone taken just now. Notice that the shape of the hood will depend on the angle you cut the foam. I've also added a couple of shots of a fly made from the hood I just cut, top and bottom views.
    This is supposed to be an incredibly easy fly and I'm sorry if it caused any confusion. BTW, my father in law caught a 3lb bass yesterday on a fly like this (hook size 8 -- Mustad 3261).

    bikini hopper 1.jpgbikini hopper 2.jpgbikini hopper 3.jpg
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