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Thread: Kayak for fishing - sit on or in?

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    Default Kayak for fishing - sit on or in?

    Due to various right leg problems, knee and hip, I don't think my Heritage sit in kayak will work for me fishing. I've read that sit on tops are easier to get in and out of. Now, I found a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 on Craigslist. I would doing primarily fresh water, small to medium lakes, a few rivers. Does a unit like this make sense. I'm going to try drylanding in and out of the sit in before I drive 2 hours to see the other one. Now that I'm retired I need to make up all that lost fishing time! Thanks for any thoughts.

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    I have fished out of both. My opinion is that sit-on-top kayaks are the better choice for anglers. Sit-ins are better for serious kayaking.
    With mobility impairments, sit-ons ARE easier to get in and out of.
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    I got the Tarpon 140 and its been a good one but also I would recommend the Commander to. If that 120 Tarpon is good deal then dont hesitate getting it. SIT kayak is not for you if have any sort of issues with your body.

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    As far as I can tell the only disadvantages to a SOT are weight (that Tarpon 120 weighs about 70 lbs while my 18' SINK kayak is 42 lbs) and the lack of protection from extreme weather. If you are using it on warm days and can handle the weight, the 12' Tarpon should be a great fishing platform.

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    I've got a sit inside, but no mobility problems. Getting in and out is still tricky when the bank is steep. Still, it is light, easy to paddle, can handle moderate whitewater, and I can lift it on top of my truck by myself. I can't do that with a sit on top, it's too heavy.

    Some of the sit one tops lack back support. You don't want one like that.
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    The 120 is an awesome fishing platform and if you can get a good deal on one, grab it

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